Rooha Sulehri User Interface Designer/Developer

My Expertise

I am a Computer Science graduate and over the past year, I have gained experience in using technologies like React.js and Redux, alongside basic understanding of Vue.js. I enjoy learning new things and being able to solve problems that are usually head scratchers, besides programming, I also have an interest in user experience, I believe I have a keen eye for detail and I use this skill to make strong design decisions when creating interfaces for users. Apart from learning new technologies and researching into them, I like to read books and create drawings in my spare time, I also enjoy playing board games because I am quite competitive and board games can be challenging. Furthermore, I go swimming once every week as it allows me to stay fit on days I am not working.




Featured Projects


React Native Apps

various apps made in react native

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Games created using p5.js

A few games created using p5.js library

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